Aside from productivity waste and hard costs, physical travel by air or car has significant environmental impact, releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Many companies, schools and government agencies have instituted green initiatives that include reduced travel policies and mandatory telework. But accurate tracking of such programs has proven difficult.

The Green Meter is a one-of-a-kind calculator within INVISION’s core web conferencing software that automatically tracks CO2, cost and travel reductions accrued by meeting online rather than traveling. Now, you have the flexibility to measure the metrics that you care about.

How the Green Meter tracks your savings

The Green Meter makes calculations based on each web conferencing participant’s location and the standard emission rates from cars and planes. Not only can you see your immediate impact on the environment, but a team or the entire company can also tally their total as they move their meetings, marketing events and training sessions online.

In fact, INVISION’s customers are on track to save two billion pounds of carbon emissions from harming the environment since the Green Meter was launched. And as more and more organizations turn to INVISION to power their online collaboration initiatives, the savings and productivity gains will only grow.

The best part? The Green Meter is built into every INVISION subscription, giving all users access to a powerful tool that will help them benchmark – and reach – their environmental and financial goals.