Corporate and higher education organizations with geographically distributed learners make the strategic choice with Invision opting for cost-effective, results-driven online courses, in place of traditional classes. In fact, many organizations expand the scope of their offerings with Invision by eliminating needless expenditures on physical location, printed materials, travel, etc.

With Invision for Learning, you don’t just match the educational capacity of a classroom, you actually exceed it. Designed to broaden the instructor’s toolset and deepen students’ level of engagement, Invision technology enriches your learning environment.

Great for...


Support your curriculum with the most robust, flexible online learning technology available. Beyond working with students, Invision for Learning is also the ideal setting for exchanging best practices with other instructors, holding planning sessions, and developing content.


Invision for Learning is a comprehensive system able to support even the largest institutions – with thousands of courses, students, educators, administrators, and multiple campuses. Work with the Invision team to customize an enterprise solution that supports all your requirements – from LMS integration to intense security protocols.


There is no better way to hold product training than in a highly collaborative setting where learners can get their hands on the product by using Sharing. Record sessions to make the information available for review and to get new employees quickly up-to-speed.


Ensure that your sales team (those notorious multi-taskers) pays full attention using the Participation Meter as well as Hand Raise, Polling, Instant Feedback, and Chat. Integrated testing makes it simple to certify course completion.


Bring new partners on board quickly with live or recorded training sessions. Keep them current with regularly scheduled classes. No travel, no onsite costs – you expand your business with minimal spend and great efficiency.