Quick Reference

Quick Reference Guide Description
Invision Leader/Assistant Reference guide for Leaders and Assistants using Invision for Meetings.
Invision Participant Reference guide for participants attending Invision Sessions.



User Guide Section Description
Getting Started with Invision The section contains information for new Invision Leaders, Assistants, and Attendees; Topics include an overview of the Communication Center, how to schedule a session, and how to lead a session.
Advanced Session Functionality This section contains advanced information for leading Invision sessions. Topics include: recording and editing Invision sessions, using Breakout Groups, tips for being an Assistant in session, and some best practices for leading various types of Invision sessions.
Advanced Communication Center Functionality This section contains advanced information for getting the most of the Invision Communication Center. Topics include the use of instant and public sessions, managing content within the CC, using tests and surveys, and the Invision Retirement Process.
Invision Site Setup and Administration This section contains all information to perform the functions of a Site, User, Communications, and System Administrator; Topics include how to customize site defaults, security options, branding, configuring Invision session defaults, managing users, using divisions and authority levels, custom user fields, batch importing, etc.