Invision for Learning Instructor Training
Regardless of your background, this course is essential for those who want to use Invision for Learning as a means for effective knowledge transfer. Through our scenario-based approach, everyone from seasoned instructors to new trainers will learn to invoke participation using a variety of tools that help engage adult learners. Learn how to administer Breakout Groups and hands-on labs, as well as how to create and maintain a catalog of courses and incorporate tests as well.
Invision for Webinars Presenter Training
Learn key techniques that will enable you and your team to use Invision for Webinars to clearly deliver your message during large-scale web events. Learn how to set up registration, customize and personalize event communications, schedule and record rehearsals, enable Event Assistants and Moderators and much more.


Specific Feature Training (Recorded Tutorials)
Adding Content On-The-Fly to Your Presentation
Learn how to upload content during a presentation.
3:50 Launch
Creating Configuring and Managing Instant Private or Public Sessions 6:49 Launch
Using Your Invision Home Page
This tutorial will show you how to navigate the features of the Communication Center Home Page.
3:39 Launch
Presenter Interface Overview
An introduction to the features and functionality used by session leaders.
5:51 Launch
Recording and Editing
Learn the basics of recording and editing Invision Sessions.
4:45 Launch
Reporting on your Sessions
Learn how to launch reports with the iLinc Communications Center.
4:15 Launch
Sharing your Desktop, Application, or Region
Learn how to use Invision's Desktop share.
4:17 Launch
Using PowerBoard
Learn how to use the Invision Powerboard as a virtual whiteboard in session.
3:29 Launch
Using Teleconference and Internet Audio in the same Session
Learn to set-up and use both a teleconferencing bridge and Listen only VoIP options in the same session.
3:37 Launch
Using Websync
Learn to use Websync to share webpages with your attendees.
2:18 Launch